Poison Prevention Tips


  • Poison Prevention Tips


  • Store medicines and products in their original containers.


  • Lock medicines and household products where children cannot see or reach them.


  • Use child-resistant packaging.


  • Replace the caps tightly.


  • Store household products in a different place from food and medicine.


  • Keep purses and briefcases out of children’s reach.



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Receiving a bill you do

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Well Child Exams

Well-child physical examinations at regular intervals are paramount to ensuring normal growth and development and necessary immunizations. Visit our Wellness Schedule page.


Ill Visits

We at Gahanna Pediatrics pride ourselves in providing access for sick children in a timely manner. We can always see ill patients the same day or the next day, if you call later in the afternoon. Note that a full check-up cannot be done during an ill visit.


Medication Check/Conference

Medicine checks and conferences are almost always scheduled at the end of the morning or the end of the day. This provides us ample opportunity to discuss complex problems or issues your child may be having.


Travel Physicals

Travel physicals are offered for travel to anywhere in the world. Please schedule these visits, if possible, at least four to six weeks before the departure date to ensure vaccines can be given if needed.



prescription  information & Billing



In general we do not call in prescriptions for acute illnesses without seeing the patient. For maintenance medications we require 48 hours advance notice to prepare the prescription.  Please plan ahead and call during the business week as the medication is running low.



Patient Balances


Receiving a bill you do not believe is your responsibility? Call our billing department immediately at (614) 546-4192 while the problem can still be corrected. Insurance companies have timed filing limits for claims and appeals. Delayed action will leave you responsible for the balance.



Billing FYI


With many of our patient families asking: “why am I receiving an additional charge when my child was in for a well check?” Our billing department would like to share their explanation:


Most pediatric visits are either referred to as well checks or ill visits. These visits are both very important to the medical care of your child and can sometimes happen simultaneously. Historically, insurance companies would not reimburse for simultaneous visits thus requiring the patient to incur a second visit to address the significant illness or parental concern. This method was very difficult for many of our patients. We were relieved when insurance companies began reimbursing for simultaneous well checks, as well as ill visits. Some parents found it difficult to reconcile their explanation of benefits (EOB’S) as they were unaware of the possible dual charges during one visit. With that in mind, we would like to offer the following explanation:


The well check visit allows the provider to assess your child’s physical and emotional health as well as growth, development, nutrition, and risk assessment. We encourage parents or guardians to ask questions and discuss concerns, such as nutrition, sleep, hygiene, behavioral issues and age appropriate developmental milestones, etc. Occasionally, the provider may order laboratory or screening tests to further assess your child.


If your child has a significant issue or illness at the time of the well check visit, please be aware that it will require extra time and effort to establish a diagnosis and treatment. If that is the case, an extra charge will be incurred and a co-pay may be required. Please contact your insurance company with questions related to coverage of dual visits. If you anticipate addressing a significant concern during the well check visit, please contact our office to ensure proper time is scheduled either during the visit or by scheduling an additional visit.


If you have questions about the additional visit charge, please contact our billing department at 614-546-4192.



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